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Benefits of Being an FOP Member

As a member of the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police, you will be provided with numerous benefits that are included in your minimal amount of dues that are collected by your local lodge.


Additional Member Benefits that include special pricing on home mortgage, car rental, cruises, personalized checks and the NCFOP License plate are at the bottom of this page.

Legal Representation

You will receive legal representation for any critical incident such as a shooting, fatal car collision or death investigation that involves you while performing your duties as a law enforcement officer.


In addition, civil or other criminal lawsuits that occur while you are performing your duties are subject to coverage pending approval by the NCFOP Legal Aid Committee.


With the FOP, we do not choose a lawyer for you. YOU pick the attorney you want to represent you.

Legislative Action

The NCFOP fights for better retirement, better training and more safeguards for law enforcement. We do this by having constant representation in Raleigh at the State Legislative Offices lobbying on our behalf. Our legislative agent communicates with your local senator or representative to either support or not support bills and laws on behalf of the FOP.


Locally, your lodge may want to express concerns of local officers with city council members or county commissioners to assure your salary and benefits are taken into consideration when large decisions take place. NO, we are not a Union, but we can act as a group and voice concerns about our jobs.


In addition, our National Lodge of the FOP works with all branches of the federal government on behalf of its members. The FOP has gained the title as “The Voice of the Nation’s Law Enforcement” for its work.

​​Nationwide Services

As a member of the FOP, you become a member of every lodge, every meeting, etc. You will be given a membership card that will allow you access to any FOP Lodge in the country. It is always enjoyable to travel to places like Washington, D.C. to see the National Law Enforcement Memorial and then sit with some fellow officers at D.C. Lodge #1 and share memories.


The National FOP Lodge also works to create special services for FOP members like the Nationwide Advantage Mortgage for FOP Members and the FOP Bank of America Credit Card. These services are available to FOP Members only.

Community Involvement

The National, State and Local lodges of the FOP are dedicated to being a recognized community partner for charity and helping create a better relationship with the public.


It is too often that we are taken for what our jobs are and not seen for our dedication to our communities. Just think about the law enforcement television shows that are dedicated to showing law enforcement as bias or corrupt organizations.

The Local lodges of the FOP strive to work with other organizations to promote a positive image of law enforcement.


With the FOP, you do not pay members and get a card with a phone number to call if you need help. Our members are your local partners, friends and co-workers. Local Lodges meet monthly in their area and talk about your issues. You see a return on your money, not just a draft to someone you have never met.


As a member, you will have the opportunity to meet other brothers and sisters of the FOP from around the State and nation. One thing we can promise, you will get more in return than you ever put in…

Special Lodge #26 Benefits

Lodge #26 has many other special benefits for it's members. Contact President Pope for details. 

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